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Feb 27



Edited: Feb 28


What is A Violet Fire (AVF)?

AVF is a New Adult vampire novel that lends a new take on paranormal romance and fantasy. In terms of "vampires," it's not anything you've seen elsewhere.


How long did it take you to write AVF?

About a year and a half, with a six month hiatus in between. Writing a book is no small feat.


How many books will there be in the series?

I'd like to say it will stay a trilogy, but I know that when my favorite fandoms end, it's a sad day for a lot of people. Who knows!


What made you decide to give the heroine the name "Wavorly"?

I actually used to listen to a Christian band called Wavorly. One day, I saw the album cover and thought, "That's actually a really pretty name." It also works really well as a metaphor, too.


Did AVF start out as fan fiction?

Nope! AVF is completely from my own imagination. It actually began as humans vs. dark angels in the early stages.


But, I've seen your story on fan fiction sites...

Did I mention that my bachelor's is in marketing? ;)


How can I get a hold of you to tell you how much these books mean to me?!

Shoot me an email! Either that, or hit me up on Twitter.

One day I might have a PO Box... since I love snail mail! We'll see!