"Let the mind speak free of judgment."

"His eyes shined the way I always hoped,
in the way I’d only dreamed.
His grinning lips struck the chords of my soul—
a shimmering vibration that
I could have felt across the universe."

Kelsey Quick

"Pupils tighten
I mind my breath
his thoughts awry
tipped by death.
Does he know?

Am I so sure?
So it goes,

so obscene,
so impure."


Kelsey Quick

"Bleeding sunsets

Love to die

a beautiful martyr

a serious wonder

in my arms they cry.

Bleeding sunsets

Love to flee

Their dreadful gaze

Blurry behind

A bleary-eyed,

Misty haze."


Kelsey Quick

The adults all cry;

their breath in vain.

As it ravages our blinks


now dusted by disease.

A film yet to be made,

a story yet to be told.

Only yet.

Only yet. 

Kelsey Quick

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